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We specialize in Arkansas homegrown produce when it is in season. This produce includes strawberries, sweet potatoes, watermelons, tomatoes, blackberries, apples, peaches, sweetcorn, purple hull peas and many more.

We also import many products from around the globe. With partners in Europe and South America, we can supply everything from mango and cactus to cheese and poultry. We take great pride in the freshness and timely delivery of all our produce.

With strategically placed teaming partners, we have been able to deal extensively with federal, state and local government, school districts and commercial distributors. We are familiar with and can exceed military requirements.


We use D Produce Man Software on a web based system. D Produce Man is the company who designed and implemented the successful web site ordering system to DECA's specifications for other areas. D Produce Man Software is a integrated accounting and management software specifically created for the produce industry complying with all PACA reporting.
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